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"He will be yours, faithful and true until the last beat of his heart. He is your friend, partner and defender.  Your Akita."

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About Us

Titan Akitas is a small show kennel and breeder of top quality Akitas located just outside of Atlanta Georgia.  I breed for sound and stable temperament and excellent type; producing every thing you want in a high quality Akita;  a dog that instinctively knows the difference between a threat and a non-threat, would never feel threatened by a child, but would never back down from real danger.  That is the nature of a stable Akita; powerful & highly protective yet thoughtful.

Each Akita puppy bred at Titan Akitas comes with a hereditary health guarantee for 2 years; whether he is going to be your beloved family companion or a star in the conformation ring.

As a member of the Akita Club of America I am committed to the highest ethical standards.  You also receive my personal commitment to lifetime support of you and your companion. I take the personal time to nurture each and every puppy from the day they are born to the day they go to their forever home.  

This level of commitment and quality doesn't allow for instant gratification so patience is required and there is usually a waiting list.  If you are wanting an immediate puppy, this is probably not the place to look.  If you want high quality and temperament, and are willing be patient, by all means, submit an application.

I recommend  LIFE’S ABUNDANCE  premium dog food.  

Quality isn't expensive, it's priceless.

Companion puppies START at $1800.              

Companion puppies MUST be spayed / neutered.

What's Available

Available / Current Litter

Available / Current Litter

Available / Current Litter

Creasy and Trouble are ready for homes to be retired show dogs.  Fill out the questionnaire and reference one if you are interested in giving one of these two a home to retire to.  Both are 7 years old.

Planned / Current Breeding

Available / Current Litter

Available / Current Litter

Gatsby x Trouble breeding planned for the summer